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"Sarah, you gave us time that let students speak. Even you gave some shy students time to speak. In your classes, everyone can practice speaking English. And if students have mistakes or questions, you always tell us the right answers exactly. If people take your class, they can definitely improve a lot and acutely, it helped me improve my English skills a lot. Your class has always something we can feel fun. You always seriously think about interesting topics. You sometimes take fun games in class. I’ve never felt bored in your class! You’re definitely one of the best teachers in my life and also everyone must think so because I couldn’t write like this before!"

- Ayaka, Japan

"I studied with her for almost 3 months in English class at LSNZ. She has a lot of energy when I studied with her time flies. I enjoyed when she shared experiences I could get many vocabularies not only in English but in another language too. She could find another way to teach us like play games, listen music or watch movie I think that is a great idea because I can learn not only language but I can learn about culture and lifestyles. In my opinion Sarah is a great teacher and she knows how to make classroom to enjoy."

- Phatnathee, Thailand

"I love your class and enjoyed any time. You are kind, helpful and taught me when I didn’t understand in class. Absolutely you are the best teacher!"

- Miu, Japan

"Sarah was the best English teacher I ever had! I arrived in New Zealand one year ago and I spend the first 4 months improving my english skills whit her in the Language School New Zealand.The way to explain how we can use both words and grammatical structures was the best! Those first months were very important for me and I feel super grateful to her!"

- Andrès, Argentina 

"It is my absolutely pleasure to recommend Miss Sarah as an amazing teacher. As her coworker, I can vouch for her sincerity to her work and the passion that she has for teaching.


She has helped many students in and out of the classroom and assisted them with not only their English abilities and skills, but also socially. Sarah was in charge of the Tuesday after school social gatherings where students can come together and make friends and feel more at home both in and out of school.


Sarah was also very helpful with all her colleagues, giving insightful advice at any time and always exuded positivity in the office, the student common room and in the classroom. She is known to go the extra mile for her peers and her students, and I often found myself seeking her advice whenever I needed it."

- Lesharn, Teacher in New Zealand

Thank you note from Marina

Thank you note from Marina

"I like your class because I like game style study English. I was enjoy imagining to imitate animal style quiz."

- Kazuaki, Japan 

"Actually I have heard about you and I always say I wanna try Sarah to be my teacher, because I have tried almost all the teachers, and the most of the students say she’s good. But I didn’t believe them because I always think she’s from Belgium she will not speak English very well as a native. And suddenly I saw my name in your class. Finally I’m going to try her class. The first day when I heard your accent I said to myself wow she has a good accent not like what I was thinking.


To be honest I didn't have too many classes with you, I don’t remember how many, maybe one month. Anyway it was really good, you explain all the details, and your good way for teaching it’s you teach us by games. I always remember the vocabulary from your games and from the funny things. And when we study about any topic you always know and you have knowledge about it you have good life experience, I learned a lot from you. This is what I have had in your classes because it was just afternoon class and it was just about speaking and learning by some games. I feel like you’re not my teacher you are my friend."

- Faisal, Saudi Arabia 

"I am here to say thank you for all classes I have had from you. You are always happy, enthusiastic, helpful and, of course, very patient, lol lol lol. You are a smart and a very funny person. I like how passionate you are about teaching English and how you fit in as a teacher. The way you focus on teaching English really inspires me to continue studying better. I do not believe that English is not your first language. I just know because you told me, lol lol. I enjoyed every moment with you and I am sure everyone is already missing you. I wish all the best for you."

- Fhilipe, Brazil

"Sarah has a fantastic rapport with her students as well as receiving respect. She regularly managed and led our weekly school activities with enthusiasm." 

- Georgina, Director of Studies in New Zealand 

Thank you note from Fabiola

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