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"Heather is really fabulous teacher I had ever met in my life. She is extremely talented when she tought me and the way she uses in the class to deliver the information I couldn't forget. She tought me the acdemic writing in the university of Manchester. She helpes me to improve critical thinking and arguments and the follow of my writing. This assists me to get distinction in my academic year in the university of Manchester. On top of that, she made to love English language In Speaking, listening, writing, Reading. I'm really appreciate and grateful for you Heather."

- Ahmed Mobarki, Saudi Arabia

"Heather's dedication in teaching English has inspired me a lot. Hours of talking and sharing with her really helped widen my horizon.  Heather is such a knowledgeable and friendly English teacher, without her, I wouldn't have succeeded in achieving a 8.5 IELTS"

- Min Quan Nguyen, Vietnam

"I wanted to thank Heather for her engagement. I enjoyed her lessons a lot and there were so many things I could learn from her."

- Violetta, Austria

"Heather is the most fantastic teacher I have ever met. She gave me a lot of help when I was studying in University of Manchester. She gave me much suggestions which are still very helpful for me now, especially in the language improvement, including speaking, listening, writing and reading. I benefit a lot from her help. Still very appreciate for her help by now, with her wonderful teaching, I got 8 in pre-sessional course, which equals to the ILETS 8. And also, with her help in proofreading, my score of that essay got 76, which is a distinction level. Additionally, she is very patience, easy-going and professional."

- Hui Wang (Abi), China 

Our teacher, Heather, is a very fantastic teacher. She is rigorous and demanding. She is inviting and approachable. She pays particular attention to inspiring and mobilizing our enthusiasm. She likes to ask questions in class. 

She has a wealth of examples, takes the trouble, and carefully explains, which makes us gain; she is very focused when teaching at Henan University. The most important thing is that she can be humbly and widely listen to our opinions and feedback, so as to correct and adjust her teaching in time.

In addition, Ms. Heather has also created a lot of free space for us to use our imagination, so that our English learning takes into account individualized independent learning and classroom teaching, language foundation and comprehensive language application ability.

When Ms. Heather was in class, she deepened our understanding of Western culture through multimedia courseware demonstrations and supplementary film and television materials, so that we not only learned language knowledge, but also improved our overall quality.

In short, I think she is recognized as a rare and good teacher."

- Peter, China

Thank you note from Deena


"Heather is a wonderful teacher, I enjoyed a lot her lessons, always different, and creative.   I loved a lot our conversations about her experiences around the world, i think this is great additional value because make always interesting to share and learn about other cultures and countries."

- Aurora Sanchez, Mexico

"Heather, your guidance and patience gave me all the confidence to improve my English, your classes in person or by videoconference are always engaging.
With all your knowledge, it is always fun to learn other things while practicing English. Thanks you for all your help."

- Edgar, Mexico

Thank you note from students

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