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IELTS is an International English Language Test System. It is one of the most popular and widely recognised tests used all around the world for international higher education, immigration, visas, work and just to have an idea of your level of English based on an internationally recognised score system ranking from 0 (non-user) to 9 (expert-user). IELTS is accepted by most British, Australian, European, Canadian, Irish and New Zealand institutions as well as Visa and Immigration Departments around the world.


There are 2 types of IELTS exam: ACADEMIC and GENERAL TRAINING. IELTS is a task-based test covering the 4 language skills (listening, speaking, writing and reading). It usually costs around £195/€200/NZ$395, takes just under 3 hours to complete and you can take this test in most capitals and big cities around the world. 

Most academic institutions usually require international students to score a minimum of 5.5, sometimes more. While 9 is the highest possible band score to achieve it is extremely rare to obtain, even for native English speakers themselves. 

Heather and Sarah have been teaching IELTS training for years, helping students prepare for the 4 tasks of the exam and achieve the best possible score. One of Heather's students in Vietnam achieved a band score of 8.5 thanks to her training and coaching, while Sarah herself took the IELTS test in Scotland and also achieved a band score of 8.5, thus enabling her to give a first-hand explanation of the test and to help train for it. 

How can Heather and Sarah help you practice and improve your IELTS score:

  1. They will help you develop your English capabilities, general approach and IELTS strategies until you're confident enough and ready to take the IELTS in your sleep.

  2. The exam time constraints are a huge issue for many students. Sarah and Heather will help prepare you and get you ready to answer all the questions, organise yourself and proofread your writing before the time is up. 

  3. You will learn to multitask when listening in English. The reading module requires you to answer 40 questions throughout 4 recordings, so multitasking is an essential skill.

  4. You will learn to develop a wide selection of reading skills such as reading for gist or for detail, reading for the main ideas, skimming, understanding logical arguments, and recognising writers’ opinions, attitudes and purpose. Practice makes perfect, as we say, so you will practice until you become comfortable with all these techniques. 

  5. The writing task is probably the most challenging for a lot of people. Heather and Sarah will teach you how to use appropriate and assertive terms to write in a formal and informal style, depending on the task. They will teach you how to familiarise yourself with the structure of an essay, how to develop it, connect your ideas and how to write the introduction and  the conclusion. 

  6.  You will learn to speak with fluency or coherence in direct communication, to express your opinion and how to practice answering a question to which you don't really know the answer.

While this is only a short list of the various ways Sarah and Heather can help you get ready for your IELTS test, there are lots of other techniques and strategies they can help you with. Don't be shy, send them a message! 

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