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Homestay Tuition 

Why not consider homestay tuition?

Homestay tuition is a complete immersion in English. This means learning throughout your English course, even when you’re not in class. Every experience and interaction helps to build and strengthen your English language skills.


I can offer a comfortable and hospitable one or two-week stay in my home in an old historic town in Yorkshire.

Who is it for? 

One-to-one homestay tuition is ideal for anyone who needs to learn quickly, is motivated to learn English and wants to concentrate on improving their fluency.


During your immersive experience, you will be able to practice your English out of the classroom, relaxing over meal times, chatting in the evening and when meeting people out and about on afternoon trips. You will be my houseguest but also treated like a friend.

Exploring Nature

What do I get? 

Happy Student

Goals & Flexibility

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We want you to reach your goals and gain as much as possible from your time in England. To do this, we are super flexible. We will adapt to your wishes and design a tailor-made course/week to suit your expectations and needs. 


English & Yoga

Why not split the tuition between yoga in the morning and English in the afternoon if you want to continue your yoga practice, begin it or just keep flexible and energised throughout your stay?  


Activities & Culture

Yorkshire boasts so many options to satisfy your inner explorer. Museums, hikes, local markets, walking tours, historical tours of medieval towns or century-old castles, a pint in a traditional pub, or maybe a football match in Manchester if that's what you're into. The options are endless! 

  • A comfortable and safe environment - your own room with a super comfy double bed, a desk and your own bathroom

  • 3 meals per day with the option to share each other’s national dishes at the weekend or go out to sample the local cuisine. I love cooking so any requests can be accommodated, and I will try to show you the best of English cuisine (don’t listen to what people say!). We have some wonderful dishes that I know you will love!

  • 1:1 tuition in any area of English such as Business English, tuition to pass exams like IELTs, Academic English etc.  with a real-life immersion experience of learning English out and about in various everyday settings

  • Heather's help, tips, recommendations and assistance as a local, as a tutor and as a friend to keep you safe and allow you to experience living in the UK like a local and off-the-beaten path

  • We understand all too well the need for independence and privacy, so you will have plenty of free time to explore the area on your own, meet people and practice your English on your own

  • Train station, bus station or airport pick-up and drop-off

  • An introduction to a little English culture twice a week. This could be a trip to the market, a restaurant, shopping, to a local ‘must see’ or a traditional pub!

  • Activities such as yoga, a day-trip to the Lake District at the weekend, and some free time for you to explore the area

We are very flexible and always happy to accommodate our guests' needs and wishes

What do I get
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Key Benefits

Everything Is Better When Shared

  • Your choice of hours of study or study/yoga per day e.g., 1.5-2 hours in the morning and 1.5-2 hours in the evening or more, according to what your aims are.

  • Total immersion in English in and outside of formal lessons so you are learning all the time.

  • Experience English Life

  • Your programme tailored-made for your needs.

What is not included?

  • Flight, train or bus to destination

  • Visa and anti-covid tests

  • Sim card

  • Meals and drinks out 

  • Public transport 

  • Activity expenses such as museum ticket etc.

Our Plans

All our plans are flexible based on the activities you'd like to do and based on the number of hours you'd like to study. Please, get in touch to have a chat and discuss what we can do for you. 

1-week English & Culture

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off

  • English course every morning Mon-Fri

  • Free time Tue and Thu afternoon

  • Activities Mon, Wed and Friday afternoon

  • Saturday: full-day trip, hike or activity

  • Flexible Sunday: to be decided together

  • 3 meals x 7 days (meals out not included)

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1-week English & Yoga

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off

  • English courses every afternoon Mon-Fri

  • Yoga lessons Mon, Wed and Friday

  • Activities Tue and Thur afternoon

  • Saturday: full-day trip, hike or activity

  • Flexible Sunday: to be decided together

  • 3 meals x 7 days (meals out not included)

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