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If you want to become more proficient in English to be able to interact with customers, partners or providers, to lead a meeting, write and practice a presentation, describe a product or make an offer, we're here to help! 


Do you feel overwhelmed by the daunting prospect of taking the Cambridge IELTS test? Are you stressed, lost or in need of advice to get the band score you deserve? We can help you prepare and improve your writing and speaking scores. 


Are you looking to improve your conversation skills or simply become more comfortable discussing a wide range of topics? We also offer engaging, interactive conversation tables for small groups.  


Have you found your dream job? Do you need help writing the perfect cover letter or tailoring your CV in the best way possible? 


Are you a health professional who needs the OET qualification to be able to practice?  We can help you practice for the speaking test by simulating work scenarios / acting as a prospective patient or a relative of a patient.


Have you just started a masters or undergraduate programme and you’re not sure your writing is ‘academic’ enough? I can proofread your writing and make suggestions on how to improve readability including grammar, spelling, academic vocabulary, coherence and cohesion.  



Sarah grew up in Belgium. She lived in the USA, Italy, Vietnam, New Zealand and Scotland where she pursued two of her passions - traveling and sharing her love of the English language with students from all over the world.

Heather is from England. She has lived in Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Mexico, China and England sharing her extensive knowledge of English and road tripping every chance she gets.


They have both lived in 5 countries and on 3 continents, and met teaching English in Vietnam. The rest... is history.


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"Sarah, you gave us time that let students speak. Even you gave some shy students time to speak. In your classes, everyone can practice speaking English. And if students have mistakes or questions, you always tell us the right answers exactly. If people take your class, they can definitely improve a lot and acutely, it helped me improve my English skills a lot. Your class has always something we can feel fun. You always seriously think about interesting topics. You sometimes take fun games in class. I’ve never felt bored in your class! You’re definitely one of the best teachers in my life and also everyone must think so because I couldn’t write like this before!"


- Ayaka, Japan

​​"Sarah was the best English teacher I ever had! I arrived in New Zealand one year ago and I spend the first 4 months improving my english skills whit her in the Language School New Zealand.The way to explain how we can use both words and grammatical structures was the best!Those first months were very important for me and I feel super grateful to her!"


- Andrès, Argentina

"Heather's dedication in teaching English has inspired me a lot. Hours of talking and sharing with her really helped widen my horizon.  Heather is such a knowledgeable and friendly English teacher, without her, I wouldn't have succeeded in achieving a 8.5 IELTS"


- Min Quan Nguyen, Vietnam

"I wanted to thank Heather for her engagement. I enjoyed her lessons a lot and there were so many things I could learn from her"


- Violetta, Austria

"I am here to say thank you Sarah for all classes I have had from you. You are always happy, enthusiastic, helpful and, of course, very patient, You are a smart and a very funny person. I like how passionate you are about teaching English and how you fit in as a teacher. The way you focus on teaching English really inspires me to continue studying better. I do not believe that English is not your first language. I enjoyed every moment with you and I am sure everyone is already missing you."


- Fhilipe, Brazil

"Heather is the most fantastic teacher I have ever met. She gave me a lot of help when I was studying in University of Manchester. She gave me much suggestions which are still very helpful for me now, especially in the language improvement, including speaking, listening, writing and reading. I benefit a lot from her help. Still very appreciate for her help by now, with her wonderful teaching, I got 8 in pre-sessional course, which equals to the ILETS 8. And also, with her help in proofreading, my score of that essay got 76, which is a distinction level. Additionally, she is very patience, easy-going and professional."


- Hui Wang (Abi), China

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